Thursday, May 2, 2013

National Day of Prayer

At the Roseville, MI., City Council Chambers this noon, clergy among others will pray.

For the American media, I will pray:

That  truth, your Truth, O God prevail in the letters of our alphabet, in the words, paragraphs and sentences crafted by writers, journalists, broadcasters, computer users.

That youngsters be led, supervised and steered on computers.  Help them, O God, to go down paths of fruitfulness beyond predatory destruction, and more.

Assist parents in placing computers in public places at home to make children accountable.

Steer television broadcasters, and more, to enlighten a dark world with lasting life and love beyond the passing fads, styles and fashioners that come and go.

Guide all forms of media, O God, in your way, truth and life.

Bring us to a place of light, only your Light.

On this National Day of Prayer, O God, help us to be on your side always for the common good, and, for communicating only for the common good of all.


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