Sunday, May 26, 2013

Reading, Arithmetic, and. . .

It's coming soon to Big Jack's Grille in Roseville, MI.

Family education.

With dad, mom, and the kids, of course altogether in one room.

Facilitators will enable parents to read to their children from early on in childhood, and beyond.
Imagine dad placing the three-year-old on his lap and reading for a few minutes.

Watch the baby's eyes light up!  Not to mention his or her ears.

Stand by.

It's set for the first Monday and Wednesday of June at 6:30 pm for an hour.

Come one. 

Come all.

But, be sure to bring the family household to read.  All or some will do.

Sandra Bell and I will assist you to help you learn to teach your child to read.

And, when school bell's ring for you Monday and Wednesday, bring a favorite child's book you like, OK?

School bells ringing, children and parents singing. . .

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