Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day, the Church, and Leaders

An ounce of mother is worth more than a pound of clergy, a Spanish saying goes.

How true.

Mothers are like that.

They are.

Parishioners were all enthused about their own mother this Mother's Day celebrating with the Ascension of Jesus into heaven.

Jesus' disciples were feeling abandoned when he left them to fulfill his ministry now. 

When one's mom passes, parishioners feel that loss also.

Grieving is like that.

It's a normal and natural process by which one get through the tunnel, as it were, of a significant loss.

Much like the Detroit/Windsor Tunnel.  I can't wait to see light at the end of that stretch in the dark.

Loss is like that.

One does get through it, however.

But, it does take time.

After Mass, a parishioners told me that she felt "abandoned" at the leaving of her pastor weeks ago.

Human emotions emerged for many this Mother's Day.

Caregivers tend to give and give.

Glimpses of the great love of God for us shines in small ways in moms, in Mary, the Mother of God, who Catholics revere, and in pastors who lead Catholic parishes in trying times.

Pastors are expected to lead large sprawling parishes, schools, and more with dwindling clergy.
There has to be another way to prevent "burn out" and the like for the selfless leaders who do have limited energy. 

Imagination could see the Church through these trying times and personnel shortages.

And, clergy could feel more support also.

I hope bishops will step up to the plate and ask the Vatican to imagine other ways of assisting clergy who are overworked these days.  Enough is enough for any idealistic clergyman.

Parishioners want to help, but, their lead has to come from bishops who approach the Vatican with this epidemic.

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