Saturday, August 24, 2013


We're it!

Family, that is.

That's all we got.

Each other.

Here in northern Michigan at the Benton Community Center, former Saint Francis Church and hall, we're gathering to eat and greet again in our annual Stempky, Wichlack, Mushlock, Blaszkowski, etc., re-union.

Starts at 10 am and goes 'til we shut the light out. . . or finish the food, or. . .

Then, I'm off to the Augustine Center in Conway, MI., for some refreshing time with God.

In quiet.

In communion.

The pastoral woods, and more, allows this connection with God away from distractions of the frenetic life in metropolitan Detroit.

A few days will do this soul well.

Then, Aug. 29th, I'll be back for an annual bar-b-q at my place to celebrate summer's ending and September's debut.

Women who want to get in on a retreat I'm leading at the Domincan Retreat House in Oxford, MI., can call Anora Ziler at 313 561 3764 to sign up for it September 27-29, 2013.  The theme is "I do believe but help my unbelief."

The Center free for food and lodging is $160 with a $40 deposit.

Join me.

Call the St. Mary's Retreat Center at 248 628 3894 for more information, or google the name to check it out.

Be believing more boldly.

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