Tuesday, August 27, 2013


How quickly times seems to pass.

At least on my clock.

Labor Day will soon be upon us as summer fades fast.

The word, rest, comes from the Hebrew, meaning, catch your breath.



Take a moment to breathe.

Summer's season seems to afford me a moment to change my regular routine rite of passage, and rhythm.

It does.

And, it seems vital to me, at least.

It helps me to reconnect with the Maker, with other loved Ones, with acquaintances, even with the season's days.

I attend more in the summer.  I attune to God more, also.  I pause and ponder, even poke at the beauty of the now in any given minute of my sunny days of Summer.

And, then it fades in its fleeting moments.

I'm grateful.

I catch my breath, thank God!

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