Friday, August 30, 2013

Time Away for a Pause

Sandra Bell of Roseville, MI., knows what pausing can do for one's wellness.

Retreat time is part of her Catholic faith and journey.

When I invited her to invite other young women to participate in a three-day reflective growth group, September  27-29 beginning at 8 pm Friday and ending after 11 am Mass on Sunday at the Dominican Retreat Center in Oxford, north of Detroit, she seemed interested in the pause to ponder the theme, "I Do Believe, Help My Unbelief."

She did.

The women's weekend away will afford her some still time to recreate and renew her spirit in God.

We'll look at wounds, those healed and those left unhealed.  We'll see what obstacles prevent deeper belief and trust in God, and, in turn, in others.

Opportunities for common prayer in Liturgy of the Hours, meals together, and Mass will accompany the chance for women in today's culture to connect with each other, and, perhaps, share a story, a struggle, a dream, an accomplishment, and a joy.

I'll pack notes on stages of grief, and ten things I learned from the late Father Edward Popielarz, the founder of his famous class in acceptance, a covenant, an agreement of freedom as the good Father described acceptance to countless souls who encountered issues of acceptance of self, others, and God. 

Wounds we hold will be a part of my conferences.  And, wounds healed will also be held up.

Even Thomas the Apostle, a close friend of Jesus, doubted his faith.

We all do, perhaps.

That's part of our spiritual journey.

In fact, it seems to me, like Job's own travail of desolation and consolation, he came out a firmer follower of faith in God through his ordeal told in the Good Book.

I'm looking forward to this time together with companions on the journey.

Anora Ziler is the coordinator for registrants.  She can be reached at (313) 561 3764.

I'm hoping older teens and young adult women will consider joining me for this retreat.

They'll add some vibrancy and zest to the enthusiasm the group will bring to this time together in prayer, and more.

If you want to attend, and, have financial constraints, please contact me at and I'll make efforts to ask others to assist in the expenses.

I will.

Faith is like that.

And, I know you won't be left out, or, let down, for that matter.

After all, like you, I believe.

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