Monday, August 26, 2013

Try God

In Cheboygan on Catholic Radio, I hear "try God."

I do.

As I travel from our Stempky, Wichlacz, Blaskowski, Robytek, and more, family re-union, the FM station resounds with "try God."

It does.

Hosts on the morning show accompany me as I drive to Petoskey from the Sacramentine Monastery Augustine Center in Conway, MI., of Highway 31.

Try God.

Humans do nothing until we have to do it suddenly, it seems to me.

I clean the house when company are coming over.

That test students takes waits 'til the last minute for preparation.

And so it goes, no?

For some, God is "on hold," it seems, also, until a tragedy hits home, and, a sibling is hit by a car or by a sever disease, a divorce, or more.

God's ever-present being enfold all of us always from the core and center of one's being.

I must not forget that.


In my center, within, God resides.

Closer to my heart than I'll ever imagine.

Without God being front and center, I become eccentric, off balance, far from the center, even odd.

I do.

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