Tuesday, June 17, 2014

How Big Is Our Table?

 CORPUS CHRISTI: Body of Christ

At home, our table would enlarge around supper time when the aroma of mom's fresh-made apple pie filled the nostrils of my friends and me. 

The buddies I hung out with wouldn't go home.

So, mom made sure they were fed.

It was in her DNA to be hospitable and welcoming.

It was.

We always seemed to have enough even though nine was a crowd and we were poor.

Like the feeding of the five thousand, tradition maintains that there was an abundance out of scarcity.

There was.

Where did the extra food come from?


Did the Massasoit bring deer and maize? 

Certainly, the road to enough was through the caring hands and hearts of one another, for sure.

Jesus would make certain of that.

He would.

From the few fish and loaves, much emerged. 

Much more.

Baskets full.


Hospitality over hostility is a lesson my parents taught by example.

No one was shut out.

No one.

And, in a day and age when exclusion and absolutes reign for some, the table has to enlarge.

It does.

Jesus is like that.

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