Saturday, June 21, 2014

It Ends Where It All Began

Someone said something similar to that heading.

T.S. Elliott came closest suggesting that one goes full circle and ends where one started.

So it is with me.

Back home to my native Detroit, Michigan.  Moving back to my city on a rebound.

That's what I will do next Tuesday as I pack up the little I have and transport it to Rivertown where pastoral green walking paths, a spirit I appreciate, symphony and shows downtown, festival of all ethnic origins, and more await me.

Couple that with ministry on the streets along Jefferson, and, nearby, Belle Isle (now leased by the State of Michigan) a  jewal of enormous respect.  There, the late William Cunningham, a revered pastor who founded Focus:HOPE in the wake of Detroit's civil unrest in 1968, jogged before he would trek to Saint Bonaventure Monastery nearby to pray and quiet down some in stillness with the Maker.


Detroit awaits me like heaven does as I make another round of five years with a passion for Motown.

By then, I will have turned full circle.

Born in Detroit in 1949 at St. Joseph Hospital on Milwaukee and East Grand Boulevard, my twin, Patti, and I emerged on Detroit's east side at Lynch Road and Van Dyke, near the City Airport.

Ministry awaits me, and, the joy of engaging with enthusiasm and then some, for the Maker.

Bring on my City! 

And, heaven can wait at least another half decade as I nest at River Place along the Detroit River. 

There I will overlook Belle Isle and Windsor.

Home, I will call it for Cara, Katura, my 4-legged Yorkie who bustles with energy I had decades ago in Brightmoor.

Home sweet home.

My Detroit.

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