Monday, June 30, 2014


When one moves, a series of activities is required to steer the transition from one home to another.

Take for example, my trek from Harrison Township to Detroit's River Place.  I've been at packing, sorting, and selling matter for weeks.

Plenty of time, energy and effort is required.

Perhaps you know from your own experience.

Transfer utilities, mail, and more. A change of address to the postal service helps.

Then, there's selling or leasing the current condominium while settling into the new place without too much difficulty.

It has been a smooth ride even though the corner of the very heavy glass table top crashed into the step on the way into my apartment.

Now, it is good for nothing.

But, the hand of the mover could have been shattered or bloodied, for that matter.  Apologizing profusely, I told the mover it was just a table top.

There is a liberating satisfaction to all of this as I rid myself of things no longer needed. 

Packing them and putting them in my car for St. Vincent DePaul nearby is gratifying.

Then, there's my watchful eye of not taking anything I don't need into the new home.

And, my Harrison Township condominium is looker leaner, cleaner and empty each time I spend hours there these days.

Moving. . .

I'm glad it happens rarely.

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