Saturday, June 28, 2014


We like power.

Power is like information we refuse to communicate to others in order to "lord it over them," and be in charge or control, for example.

But, unhealed woundedness and power is projected and transmitted onto others.

And, that's the rub.

Bullying, and more enters the scene.

The "false self" that the ancient mystics - those head over heal in love with God - speak of is full of the self, the false self, the ego, that edges God out, as some dub the toxic ego, the shell that is superficial that I like to present to others.

Imagination is born of still and quiet minds, hearts and beings who know to whom they belong, namely, to the Creator, the infinite One - the beginning and end, the alpha and omega of my being.

In a culture that projects and transmits its false self, beyond the "true self" that Trappist monk, Thomas Merton (famous for his Seven Story Mountain that many young people and seekers read) also speaks of, along with another Cistercian monk, Thomas Keating of a Colorado, bad power comes from unhealed wounds that toss about egocentric behavior, or, narcissistic personality disorder named in the Diagnostic Statistic Manual that social sciences label people for insurance payment and purposes.

When the shell and ego is surrendered, and,one submits to the Maker, the three conversions or ways begin in the process of morphing/mending and more.

Not before.

The first journey has the believer crawling like an infant in the spiritual life. It involves uncovering and taking off the masks one wears to present him or herself in the false self to others.

Stage two of morphing is clinically called discovering, when one begins to walk in his or her faith journey in God.

And, finally the third way of conversion of self involves divine union, running into the arms of God, as it were, submitting and trusting totally in surrender.

Such divine union happens by way of connecting with the Maker daily a couple of times at least of 15-20 minutes of stillness, of silence, hearing the voice of God.

In this conversion, the "false self" falls like a deck of cards tumble as they are lined up against one another.

Ever so slowly, the "real self" made in God's image and likeness evolves as the false self folds, and, lets go of ego.

False power goes the way of the false self also.

Service beyond the grab for power and influence shines and illuminates one in the surrender and submission to the true self, the only real self worthy of living the abundant life.

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