Thursday, November 20, 2014

Apostle Paul: From Jailer to Jailbird

On the inside looking out...of a jail cell in Macomb County's Jail on Groesbeck at Elizabeth and beyond Michigan.

For many there they look within as they look outside the doors for a fresh take on life.

The Kingdom of God is within.


All of us.

In Acts 7:58-28:3 1noted is Paul's travail in jail.

Paul wrote to young church, like the many young in our jails today across the globe and in the USA where it is reported that the most jails exist.

Go figure.

From among the greatest enemies to one of the champions of the early Way, long before we were dubbed Christians with Emperor Constantine organizing the apostles.

Prisoners are among the company of Paul, among other Bible characters.

That's hopeful the inmates tell me on Monday while Mass is celebrated there at about 1 pm.

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