Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Clem Kern and Labor

A conscience of Detroit.

That is the legacy of Monsignor Clement Kern of the Archdiocese of Detroit.

A beloved mentor of mine, he told me once, "Do what your people ask."

So, I do.

Today, near Chene and Lafayette in downtown Detroit where I reside, a visit to a union office
has a few of us talking about a food supplier at a local Catholic university that "get little respect from staff" while their contract is up for renewal.

Earlier, a commercial driver, now a mover for Saint Vincent DePaul told me that his dignity and worth was violated at a downtown Detroit church on Woodward.


One wonders what is going on.

In fact, I was told what a particular Catholic university stands for is currently practicing far from official teaching.

Of course, there are many sides to everyone's stories.

We're all mature enough to know that.

When another gentleman told me that someone was fired at a university when attorneys found out that an employee drove a pregnant mother to the hospital, I perked up.

What a travesty if true.

University officials don't want to be involved.


The conscience of Detroit.

What would Clem Kern say?

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