Friday, November 14, 2014

Mass Mob

A Catholic Mob Mass Movement.

With 'jump starts' in Buffalo, New York and Cleveland, Ohio, Detroit, Michigan is reviving churches.

 The Mass mob has moved into the phenomenon of the Sunday crowds filling urban churches with suburbanites who may have attended the parish school long before many shuttered.

Our Lady Queen of Apostles in Hamtramck, MI., will be the latest edifice November 16, 2014 at 12 noon when local bishops also move in to preside at the fledgling parishes.

Earlier, Saint Florian Church, also in Hamtramck, bordering Detroit and Highland Park, hosted that Mass Mob.

Nearly 2,000 people participated in the Mass at Saint Florian, according to organizers who encourage worshipper to bring a can of food for the parish's soup kitchens that aid the area hungry daily.

Countless competing activities affect one's committing to regular Sunday attendance that is shrinking even though research surveys show that belief in God is firm.  And, Detroit-area Catholics boast about being most generous to mission collections across the United States and beyond.

Boundaries and respect for human life, marriage and family, and more, are blurred these days even as related to respect for courtesy in the marketplace, and, the "courtliness" that Saint Francis of Assisi, Italy addressed in the 13th century wanes.

Perhaps this lay-run initiative that is organized and managed by the faithful is a clear signal that current church clergy, bishops and other leaders can learn a different model of attracting younger generations to church services.

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