Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Father Ed Popielarz' March 4, 11, & 18th, 12 Noon-1:15 pm Class in Acceptance in Hamtramck, MI., Public Library

Each problem or issue is an interpersonal one.

It is.

Love of money, power and sex are symbols of HAVING.

Freedom, creativity and sharing are signs of the Spirit of God at work in BEING.

Consequently, when issues emerge as they will for all of us, I recall CONTACT, RECOGNITION AND ACQUAINTANCE.

When I am in doubt, I need to communicate.  Communication begins with a clear intention, and, an honest motivation of my aim in any and all relating with others.

Interrupting another when she or he is speaking violates their sacredness and made "image and likeness in God."

It does.

Acceptance is an art of relating.

It is the key to freedom, productivity and sharing.

It is the supreme resolver of fear.

Any fear and all fears I carry that Jesus claims are useless in the Gospels need to go and be released for true freedom.

Acceptance is a covenant (an agreement) of freedom like God's rapport with each of us that is sealed in love.  God's love.

A class in acceptance "grows" participants to allow everyone to be who they are - warts and all, the late founder and teacher of the class taught weekly at my home parish of the late Saint Thomas the Apostle on Detroit's east side.

When I accept, I let God change others.  I refrain from trying to change anyone.  I only look at myself because if someone irritates me, I am lacking in some virtue (strength) like faith, hope charity, prudence, fortitude, justice, temperance, or patience (long-suffering).

A mentor for me as my boyhood pastor, Father Pops taught me much.

Join me as I lead a class in acceptance in the Hamtramck Public Library, 2360 Caniff, 48212, March 4, 11, & 18 from 12 noon-1:15 pm.  Reserve now since space is limited.

It is an opportunity to center myself in God and my neighbor.  Here, I will remember what I want to be and live by. "I need you to grow myself," voiced Father Popielarz in the class he led as I listened long.

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