Saturday, January 24, 2015

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Declaration to Save the Children

Children have a fundamental, natural, human right, as far as possible, to know and to be loved and cared for by their married mother and father.

They do!

And, even though I firmly believe that the only right any of us has, and, in particular, Christians,  IS THE RIGHT TO LOVE, when it comes to family, children are getting lost in the latest addiction - speed, "too busy" excuses, trafficking, and more.

They are!


In fact.

How sad.

The abundant life is what Jesus came for -- those who witnessed him first hand, noted in the Good Book.

However, the epidemic of babies being conceived out of wedlock needs to be addressed again.

Or, else.

The community's spiritual and economic base, and more, will continue to erode.

And, the soul of this nation will continue to ebb.

For sure.

Join me from 5:30-7 PM,  Thursday, June 29, 2015 in the Hamtramck, MI., Public Library for a town hall meeting on this topic, Global Alliance for the Termination of Al Queda (GAFTA), marriage mentoring, and, volunteers in prevention (VIP) of the rising epidemic of child trafficking.

Keeping our children safe is a full-time task for this entire village.

It is.

Banning together in communion will move us forward.

For sure.

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