Friday, January 30, 2015

Town Hall Hears about Global Alliance to Terminate Al-Queda

They came.

They listened.

And, the crowd heard about the Global Alliance to Terminate Al-Queda.

That is, G.A.F.T.A.

Hamtramck, MI., Police Chief Maxwell Garbarino was on hand to take questions, and, like others, to learn about G.A.F.T.A., among other issues residents raised about the 2.2 square mile enclave situated between Highland Park and Detroit, MI.

Five gentlemen from Dearborn Heights, MI., arrived to tell all about G.A.F.T.A..

Their aim with education and awareness is to end Al-Qaeda and ISIS.

For ever.  For good.

Impassioned they were as they fielded questions.

And, although their aims seemed to be small with the insurmountable force they intend to contend with, determination filled the presenting volunteers who go to colleges, and, elsewhere to talk to anyone who will listed.

Hosted by the VENT-Line Interfaith Center for Coaching and Counseling, the Care of the Soul and Companions All-Faiths Festival that is based at 2231 Caniff in Hamtramck, MI., 48212, another Town Hall is planned for March, 2015.

They came,and, they  listened to the audience, and, they are deeply troubled by the demonic deeds of ISIS and Al-Quea.   Google GAFTA form more, or, to be a member of the growing, global initiative.

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