Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A Marriage and Family Minute Reminder

Survival was the major focus for my dad's father who buried his wife when my own father was only six months old. Grandpa needed a wife with the merged families and the farm in Port Austin, Michigan, the thumb of the "hand" that is Michigan's shape. Today, personal, and, perhaps interpersonal fulfillment is the key expectation of spouses, it seems to me, a counselor who observes the signs of the time when it comes to family, and more, including marriage in that order - marriage and family! Respect, reconciling differences, patience, among other virtues (inner strengths), power and influence, inlaws (and out-laws!),communication, struggles, economic and spiritual wellness, all demands an affirmative commitment in a time of 40 million U.S. addicts compounding a chaotic culture of marriage and family. Your spouse does love and respect you, on his or her best days. Yet, in days of desolation, doubt, depression, denial and the demonic forces of toxicity transforming one or the others in a matter of seconds, whoa.... as the minions may mouth much in their fantasy and being-dominated days. Time out. Spouses and their sibship will need it daily. And, careful mindful marriages and families do work. They work well when worked at every moment. Praise the Maker of moments of loving, tender care and respect for each member in the family, and, then some couples meet and encounter in the 'hood, at work, at play, and in school.

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