Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Problem Prevention with Positive Products

Did you know that baby shampoo is what I'm using in my sixth decades of living after all those chemicals did a crime to my hair? Did you know that Compassion Pregnancy Center is taking on life, all of it in the womb, and beyond. www.compassionpregnancy.org Ultra sounds, counseling and life-giving solutions are waiting for those parenting moms and dads looking for support from Kathy and her staff in Clinton Township, MI. Thanks to Trinity Lutheran Church in Clinton Township, MI., for purchasing an Ultra Sound,for enlarged images of a breathing baby inside, and, to the Knights of Columbus, a men's Catholic fraternal organization aiming fearlessly to stand up for life in and outside the womb. Trafficking human life as sex objects, and, selling human tissue and organs, has to stop by all humans who revere the iconic image and likessness we all are as the Genesis account in the Bible notes. Stand up! Stand with the All-Faiths Festival who help people in crisis, as our mission statement promises.

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