Monday, July 6, 2015

The Thumb of Michigan

Refreshing. The thumb of Michigan, that is. It is. For sure. Calmer. Slower. More relaxed. Politer. And, a sweet change from the hurried, metropolitan Detroit area. Dad was born here in Port Austin, MI. His birth mom died when he was six months old, and, his dad needed to remarry, given help needed on the farm. Dad's step mom became the family secret, sad to admit. Yet, a family is as sick as its secrets, I've come to believe. Grandma broke dad's nose, dad told the seven of his children, and, she also broke his brother's noses also. What is not healed by the grace of God is projected onto others, I've learned over time. So, the cycle of violence continued until it was stopped cold, in its tracks. His, hers and theirs was the reality of familial relationships. Accepting this reality affords freedom to be who each of us are as family. It does. Amid, the healing that had to happen, it is refreshing to walk, talk, take in the sun, and more, in Port Austin these few days.

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