Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Sunday's Sermon: Marvin Gaye, A Homily on Saint John's Gospel, Chapter 6

Bits and bites of bread. For sure. Feeding, eating, taking, blessing, receiving, and being the Body of Christ. Being. Yes, BEING THE BODY OF CHRIST. We know Jesus as the One of history - en fleshed in Palestine, fleshed in the "ecclesia," the church, and, his body received as precious Body and Blood. Next, we are called to be his Body here. Right here. At home. In one's heart, in speech, for sure. At work, and, at play. His Body in the 'hood at Chene/Lafayette, Detroit 48207, my people/parish where routine rounds fill my day in Elmwood Park Community, west of the jewel of our Belle Isle Park, where a March for Marriage and Family occurs Sunday, August 2nd at 11 am across the MacArthur Bridge, followed by praise, and, a 'pot luck' picnic 'til 5 pm for the public at the Playscape Area. And,'God is Love,' comes to mind, recorded by Marvin Gaye in Studio A of my Motown Museum in Hitsville, U.S.A.: "Oh don't go and talk about my father God is my friend Jesus is my friend He made this world for us to live in, and gave us everything And all he asks of us is we give each other love. Don't go and talk about my father Cause God is my friend. . . Love your mother, she bore you Love your father, he works for you Love your sister, she's good to you, Love your brother, your brother! All he asks of us, I know, is we give each other love." Say it - Right on! They all got their start here in Detroit town - The Temptations, Supremes, Marvin Gaye, Four Tops, Smokey Robinson and Stevie Wonder. All were guided by hit maker, Berry Gordy. Psalm 78 pronounces that Israel's ancestors ate "the bread of angels, then and now, in these current days of chaos and crisis in the fledgling family amid 40 million U.S. addicts. God help us! How does the God we sing of, and, talk about, keep it altogether? In the generosity and divine mercy of a huge heart, so to speak. In the abundance of sharing hearts, food, money and more to the least of my sisters and brothers. After all I am my sister's keeper, no? Each part of the body builds up the sinewy nature of Who we receive as Saint Augustine of Hippo, Africa, notes: "Receive who you are - the Body of Christ!" At times, all we want is magic: "Feed us, entertain us, and we will adore you (Jn 6:30). "Follow me," Jesus says. Follow him. Forget the rest, will you? The lone sign God gives is the only One necessary: the flesh and blood of Jesus, God among us now in the homeless stranger at Sunday's picnic, the broken bread, the gathered people. Loads to chew on, no? And, the motto of the City of Detroit of Father Gabriel Richard feeds into my heart and soul with Bread from Heaven and the living, walking Word of God. "Speramus Meliora Resurget Cineribus" - "We hope for better things; it will rise again from the ashes." "Come, let us rebuild the wall of Jerusalem, so that we may no longer be a reproach," notes the prophet Nehemiah, Chapter 2:17. Build fledgling family at home where you are at any given moment. Family is in trouble amid 40 million U.S. addicts, and, a culture of chaos among households. Mount an offensive for marriage. Strengthen your resolve for respect and reconciliation with your spouse, siblings, sons, daughters, and more. Now, is a good time to start. It will. We will. The Bread of Life is like that!


  1. Say it, preacher!
    Right on!

    Where do you preach Sundays?

  2. Father Ventline,

    My family will see you at the march for family Sunday at Belle Isle at 11 am, and, the picnic. Can't wait to hear you preach. Love, L and D