Thursday, June 17, 2010

Called 'Father' Is Enjoyed Mostly

After peddling promotional fliers for a huge garage sale at Roseville Sacred Heart Church currently open all day, I stopped at the cemetary where Sacred Heart High School once
stood at Utica Road and Gratiot, just north of the I-696, Gratiot exit.

That was when times were better and parents could afford a Catholic school.

At the cemetary were four siblings caring for their mother's grave.

The oldest of the girls, Che, told me she "danced on my grave."

Full of life, all four women were engaging in conversation about various matters.

They then went to the big garage sale in the grade school building that is used for religious education classes, adult education, and a sundry of other events, like the garage sale to keep the fledgling parish afloat.

After that, the girls asked me to join them for lunch.

We were having a wonderful time.

Over an hour had past.

Their cell phone were ringing.

Thier spouses were calling.

Before they left,one said, "What a waste. I will tell my husband, we were with Father What a Waste.

No children. No wife.

I'm sure that's what she meant.

No offspring.

I am an unwed father with a huge flock nevertheless. I enjoy people and my parish.

Been there. Heard that comment before. Looks, talents, faith, yet, no wife and kids.

She thought being a Catholic priest is a waste.

Generativity and fruitfulness happen in many ways. Not just having babies.

For unwed females also.

It's Father's Day.

My favorite, personal holiday of the year.

And, my preferred title of all the others.


To my own dad in heaven, happy father's day.

To all dad's, the same greeting.

To pastors, called Father.

Happy Father's Day!

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