Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Fear is one's lone defect.

Pontiac pastor and professor, Father Edward Popielarz taught that in his popular class in acceptance that he founded four decades before his death in 1986.

Fear freezes folks.

It really does.

When I am afraid I take another's inventory, as it were.

I look outside myself and want to blame others for my fear and state of being afraid.

Fear thwarts my capacity to love.

To judge and to explain is to be afraid. All else that one thinks, feels and does is a defense against fear, such as fighting, arguing, lying or competing even.

Fear as caution against danger is the only healthy kind of fear. All other fears are sick and without value.

Fear is useless, except when it is a cautioning alarm of danger.

In relationships, fear tends to work against one or the other.

When one allows his or her fears to do their thinking, trouble lurks.

Reasoning must do one's thinking.


What am I afraid of?

That's the question I often ask people I see in counseling, let alone myself daily.

What am I afraid of?

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