Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Anger kills.

But, does forgiveness heal?

Edward Hinds was murdered in his kitchen with a knife by the custodian known as Mr. Jose.

He snapped, apparently.

His daughter went to the Catholic school there and graduated this week, months after the murder of the pastor, Fr. Hinds, by her father.

Talk about anger.

Yes, there would be reasons to be angry from all of us.

Awkward moments were felt by all.

In school, his daughter was uneasy about her dad killing the pastor.

Yet, she stretched herself, and forgave her dad, however he snapped that fateful day.

Her classmates forgave her father for knifing their pastor to death.

Faculty and staff knew what they were supposed to do.


Not forget and enable the murderer. But to remember what happens when one snaps instantly with anger, rage in this situation.

I am angry at the BP oil spill.

Watching birds bathe in oil brings tears to my eyes.

We are stewards - managers for a a brief time on earth - caring for Creation.

Everything belongs to the Maker.

We must do better.

Treat the earth and inhabitants with careful love.

Even forgiveness for the ghastly things we do to wildlife, water and the wonderland of people
God made.

Forgive us, O God!

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