Sunday, June 13, 2010

A City Like No Other Wrapped in Symphony

Music to my ears.

To my heart.

Diversity came together by way of music last Friday night in the neighborhood.

This is a city like no other.

A town built around rubber and steel and glass.

It's hardworking.

It's industrial.

It's real.

But, above all, it's artistic.

And at its heart is music.

This is the D.

And it's from here that the Detroit Symphony Orchestra draws their inspiration.

From every stage.

Every eatery.

Every factory.

Every gallery.

This is the fuel.

The DSO creates the spark.

Together, it ignites the souls of all who come to listen.

That is what happened in Warren at Saint Anne Catholic Church with the DSO Friday.

And more.

People were happy in church like I haven't seen for some time.

They smiled.

They clapped for the Slavonic, Polonaise, Hungarian, Thunder and Lightning Polka, Blue Tango, and ritual fire dances.

The DSO ended with the Stars and Stripes Forever.

It was all a salute to God's glory and majesty in the music of men and women.

Wonderful. Fantastic.


That's what listeners said after the concert.

And, Virginia Mazurek of Sterling Heights, MI., was nabbed from the assembly to lead the DSO
at its finale.

But not before she tripped. And, Leonard Slatkin caught her.

Teens, seniors, young, old, and, people of color all caught the spirit of Detroit.

Nine dances.

Hundreds of hearts moved by the DSO.

So be it.

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