Friday, October 8, 2010

Announcement in Prayer List That I Died

Strange it was to be called by a friend who said:

"I'm glad to hear your voice."

"Why's that?" I asked.

"You were prayed for at Mass in the dead list at church," he said.

My, my.

One never knows.

That was a surprise.

The church secretary where I have an office for pastoral care and counseling sent a note
apologizing that she put my name in the list for the dead instead of the one for those sick.

Then, my name was announced:

"For Father Ventline..."

After a growth at the base of the brain, the master gland, called the pituitory, was in remission for years, it showed itself again recently. In through the nose again, to get at it. Ouch!

And, alarmed, some hurried to spread the news.

They failed to nuance, however, that it wasn't brain cancer.

Oh well.

I'm glad to be writing this blog at any rate.

Let the "Eternal rest unto him, O Lord" wait a bit longer before my demise.

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