Monday, October 18, 2010

Soul Stuff: Roots and Relationships

Growing up on Detroit's east side, I learned the importance of getting grounded in the Maker.

That's part of what I like to call, Soul Stuff: Roots and Relationships.

Pausing is important daily. Taking time to connect with the Creator is crucial for me.

Like exercise, rest and recreation, unless I ponder and be still each day, I seem to be less fruitful.

All the more, amid so much strees, this is a key to effective living.

This was validated other day when interfaith leaders gathered to greet, meet and work together on issues common to us all. Among them is the bullying and violence brewing everywhere it seems these days here at home.

When I take twenty minutes to "go within" twice each day, this connection with the Creator seems to make things work well.

After all, it is God's parade - not mine.

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