Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Aware, Awake?

People wonder if neighbors and colleagues are so busy managing their own life, a family perhaps, and work, along with the multiple errands and mending of home and relationships required of us humans, whether they even get up earlier to read and make an informed vote Nov. 2nd.

My own tradition of faith encourages people to speak up in the public square and be heard, cast a vote, and, make a difference now.

Yet, people, at times, seem numbed by so much to do, by food or drink or drug, or work especially, that some are oblivious to the world, or, at least, the place he or she occupies.

Despite heavy schedules and demands that family life bring, even though our original U.S. constitution, say s nothing about parties, so what's the big fuss every minutes of every hours these days on TV?

All the promo money could be better used for the needy mainstreet neighbors next door, or, across the street. It seems wasted in a system gone wild about elections, and, specials interests buying candidates off, or, worse.

Reflecting on and reading about who is running seems to be the best one can do in a system that seems bent on failing mainstreet, given the win/lose demonizing that goes on these days.

Rewriting our Michigan constitution with speak up delegates and another vote on it, coupled with the dialog is what this state could use.


That's scary, however, given that special intrests, needs, groups, organizations, politicians, or, "rights" may feel threatened by someone, something "new" that may invite more equity, fairness and charity of our state pie.

What would my parents think about all this mess we've put ourselves in?

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