Thursday, October 7, 2010

Morphing Michigan Means Fixing our Constitution

No one seems to like change.

Especially those who benefit from the way things are in the Michigan state constitution.

Yet, Michigan must morph to move from the special interests, corruption and greed that hold Lansing and mainstreet residents captive while wallstreet thrives!

We must re-write our state constitution with a convention and delegates.

Once it is re-written we can vote against it if it fails to prevent corruption and special interests from ruining the state we love. Term limits in the present constitution fail to afford lawmakers the influence and powerbase to stave off special interest groups.

Of course, a constitutional convention will cost. Still, the cost of rewriting this document outweighs the fray Michigan pays with busines as usual.

Clergy and faithful will meet Nov. 1st with candidates in the Islamic House of Wisdom in Dearborn Heights to discuss the theme of God's Heart and the Global Village we are at 6 pm dinner. Reserve a place at

Civic candidates are welcome to hear clergy, including rabbis, pastors and imams, and participants, dialog about key concerns to our future together as one people under God. The All Faiths Festival (AFF), co-host of this event with Imam Ali Elahi, aim to build bridges and foster recognition and respect among all faith traditions, cultures and religions, and, to help families in crisis.

Join us!

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