Monday, November 15, 2010

Faith, Roots and Relationships

Faith is a very powerful inner resource.

It is.

In counseling, I find that people who have a belief system, tend to heal up faster with their treatment plan. They connect not only with God, but, with others, a support system, and more.

While some don't want much to do with any organized religion, I find that all human are spiritual and long for Someone beyond themselves.

There's a yearning deep within us that pulls us outside of self and toward a Power greater than self.

This comes through quite readily when one is in a jam. He or she calls out to the Almighty for help.

Personnel embattled do this all the time while bullets blast away nearby.

Parents, at wits end, cry for assitance using Psalms of the Bible:

O Lord, I come to your assistance. Lord, make haster to help me.


A little or a lot.

It has a lot of influence.

Believe me.

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