Saturday, November 6, 2010

Tuesday's Elections: What Do We Want?

It seems to never fail.

Elections. Wars. Parties. And, the Tea Party ignition!

What is it that we want?

Some want to take our government back. Well and good, of course.

That's what democracies are made of to be sure.

Surveys proved that while we went to war with Vietnam, at first, Americans were 100 per cent behind the decision. Similarly with Iraq and other battles. Months and years later, however, less than fifty per cent supported such conflicts. Americans protested and wanted out.

Remember Vietnam?

Yes, the people have spoken Tuesday at the voting polls.

After milllions and months, even years later, perhaps billions of campaign monies and precious time spent on vitriolic and demonizing advertizing, once more, TV is taken back by the viewers.

Negative ads bore and are unpersuasive.

Those running positive and personality-free ads won! Did you notice?

Just what do we Americans want?

We are frustrated with the spiking joblessness and foreclosures, let alone the stress, even anger and rage felt everywhere in the land.

We are impatient also.

What we want we want it now, or else!

Are we lacking virtue or strength to see us through?

Is the founding fathers mantra moving out of our thoughts and hearts?

Is their faith-based belief bottoming out for something, someone else's guidance and directon?

God help us when the Maker has been trumped by the likes of human, you and me!

After all, our own "best" thinking got us in this mess.

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