Friday, November 12, 2010

Mary, Madonna


It is a common name.

In fact, Mary is mentioned more times in the Muslum scriptures than their prophet.

Mary is revered and respected for her role in teaching us to move beyond fear.

The plan to be the mother of God is trusted, even though this teen does not understand what is being asked of her.

Mary knows who she is, as young as she is, as talked about as she was, I'm sure, not knowing man to impregnate her with life.

Mary knows her power from Beyond!

It is hers to hold and acclaim in the Magnificat of Luke's Gospel.

She knows her Center.

She embraces her boundaries and the gift possessing her.

Her dignity is.

She does not earn it, like we get caught up in winning, gaining, having, getting more.

No, Mary, IS.

Being is bigger, brighter than the need to have and hold.

To be.

A human being.

Not a human having.

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