Thursday, November 18, 2010


Turkeys won't want to wake up next Thursday.

They may have watched fellow Turkeys chased down and roasted for the Thanksgiving Day dinner. Such a fate no one wants.

This national holiday may be troubling this year with a depressed economy and home foreclosures for many in the metropolitan area.

Everyone I see these days seems to be looking for work. Or, at least for hope.

Hope is that evergreen strength that sees us through most anything.

Hope springs eternal.

Thank God for people who have been through tough times, and, made it, somehow or another.

You may know those who inspired us despite hard times.

I imagine my own parents who came to Detroit while they were teens to set off to work, send some cash back and help with the sibling back on their farms in Port Austin, MI., and Cheboygan.

How they raised nine of us with two sets of twins gives me pause to be grateful.

Both worked full-time jobs in addition to raising us and getting jobs done at home also.

They inspire hope.

I'm grateful for them, and the likes.

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