Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Freedom, Equality and Justice, Truth

These virtues or strengths are sound values for us all.

As Americans who relish Thanksgiving Day, (although, turkeys may not) such core foundations keep us working at the arduous chore to be truthful, just, fair, for equality among all, and free to speak up in a democracy.

We know that corruption, greed and taking a bigger piece of the global pie than I need, gets in the way of these virtues we cherish.

Ideals are always tough to accomplish each day.

Yet, Americans and pilgrims forged this place to be what it is and can be, with struggle.

And, displacing others from this land, a piece of our story we choose to overlook, also reminds us that all is not right, and, all are not free today.

In the ambiguity out of which nations are born, however, we all can savor the fragile freedom, equality, justice and truth we have inherited. We can pass it on one person at a time, one point and act of light and kindess at a time, one truth told each time I open my mouth.

God can help us if we ask.

After all, God was among the Founders of this Nation back in 1776 when the Declaration of Independence was signed.

We are young enough to keep on keeping on for justice and liberty for all.

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