Saturday, February 12, 2011


It happens each year. The years go higher.

You would think that I'mready for this annual rite of passage.

Years mounts. Time flies.


Who would have thought I'd turn 62?

It is inevitable, nevertheless.

The page turns. We get older.

We grow up fast in our family with deep roots, relationships and more.

I've learned to relish life more now.

I know it won't be forever. Here on earth, at least.

As sure as the sun sets, I will pass over one day.

I am quick to add: Heaven can wait, however.

It can.

Life's longing is too precious to see it end. I savor it.

It is short. I squeeze all I can out of the life I am blessed with, the family I have, the friends
I see, the hours remaining.

Sweet life.

It is the only one I get.

I love it, and each second I breathe.

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