Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Falling Upward: Two Halves of Life

One has two halves of life.

Did you know that?

Much of life is spent securing an identity, a job, and, a mate.
Consequently, one thinks that this is all there is to life as Peggy Lee wondered in song.

Franciscan priest Richard Rohr present a spirituality (an awakening) for the two halves of life.
He offers a paradigm for understanding how one's failings can be the foundation for growth.

Heartbreak, disappointment, and weakness can serve as stepping-stones to the spiritual joys that the second half of life has in store. Rohr says, paradoxically, we grow spiritually more by doing life wrong than by doing it right.

He claims people "remain stymied in the preoccupations of the first half of life," unaware that the first half is the warm-up, far from the complete and full journey.

"If you realize that there is a further journey, you might do the warm-up act quite differently, which would better prepare you for what follows, he writes in his latest book, Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life.

"My conviction is that some falling apart of the first journey is do not waste a moment of time lamenting poor parenting, lost job, failed relationship, physical handicap, gender identity, or economic poverty. Pain is part of the deal. If you don't walk into the second half of your own life, it is you who do not want it. God will always give you exactly what you truly want and desire. So make sure you desire, desire deeply, desire yourself, desire God, desire everything good, true, and beautiful."

One's roots and relationships are all about the journey of the two halves of life.

I don't want to miss the deeper journey that my roots drive me to explore. There awaits a fullness of life.

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