Sunday, February 6, 2011

Yet Another Study on Men and Marriage

Another study in this week's Time magazine shows that men are not afraid of commitment to get married these days.

"Single men are, on the whole, as likely to want to get married as single women," suggests the survey.

The survey of 5,200 single people from ages 21 to over 65, showed that single men are more likely than women to be open to dating those of a different race or religion, to falling in love at first sight, more eager to combine banks accounts sooner and more likely to want children. funded the survey of the partnerless.

The survey seems to settle the impression that the dating scene is the kind of all-you-can-meet buffet for enjoyment.

Men had a greater tendency toward parenthood than the females surveyed.

"While more than half the single men ages 21 to 35 wanted kids, only 46% of the women did."
More women than men were prepared to say definitively that they were skipping parenthood.

With more than 100 million single people in the U.S., surveys prove that married couples are in the minority.

What all this means for the future of children and childless parents neads further exploration.

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