Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Teeming Up With Teens on Crime Reduction

More than a dozen folks gathered in St. Clair Shores, MI., Public Library in January to put a dent in reducing crime.

Clergy and citizens joined to brainstorm ideas.

Participants also shared how they were prevented from doing crime.

Neighbors were more watchful, people were more cooperative as eyes of the community, hell itself was a deterrent for others, and, others were afraid of jail.

In the end, the interfaith group decided to meet March 1 at 4 pm in the St. Clair Shores Library at Jefferson and Eleven Mile Road. Teens will be welcomed to share their ideas on crime prevention. They will also tell how they stay away from crime.

Clergy and other citizens are teeming up with teens in this initiative.

All are welcome.

Go to www.interfaithwork.com for more information, or, call me at 586 777 9116 please.

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