Friday, February 4, 2011

A Slip on Snow-Covered Ice

In an attempt to stop a fall on snow-covered and slippery ice Monday night,
I threw my back into pain I have not felt for years.

Until Tuesday afternoon of this week life worked as usual.
Then, almost suddenly the unbearable ache throughout my lower back.

Quickly I visited my chiropractor.

Still, the pain is pervasive with almost every move.

Stooping, bending, walking, and moving up and down the stairwell of
my condominium causes pain.

It's a reminder of how much one takes for granted good health until it's
suddenly gone.

Four days of this is tough. Perhaps I'll visit my chiropractor again today.

A couple of pain killers seemed to put me to sleep for the moment, anyway.

When one has to move slower, one knows pain is here.

Hoping for tomorrow to be pain free.

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