Sunday, April 3, 2011

Drug Industry Must Stop in the U.S.

Drugs are a terrible thing, especially for youth who watch adults and want them, get them, and abuse them like the rest of the community. At St. Edmund Church in Warren, Michigan recently, addictions was the topic addressed to the assembly after the gospel of St. John, chapter 9 about the man born blind. People asked who sinned that he was blind? No one, Jesus the Christ responded. Bad things happen to good people as a consequence of sin, yet God does not lay physical illness upon one just to show power. No the greatness of God and God's glorgy shines through human suffering. And, God knows there is plenty of suffering to go around. The pharmaceutical industry seems to be skyrocketing out of control in this Nation. Every few blocks in cities there seems to be a new pharmacy and convenient food store all wrapped up in one. In the back room drugs galore are bought. There are more drug stores these days than there are churches and bars! Addiction to substance or process addicitions cripples life at any age. Heroine and other opiates and vicodin, sugar, caffeine, nicotine, carbs, chocolate can all be deadly when used. Gambling, sex, shopping, work, and other process addictions are as deadly but as acceptable here in America to keep the economy rolling it seems, like the war machine and weapons produced and exported at alarming rate with China, and other powers. We must stop the rise of pharmaceutical, or at least, put a hold on escalating and alarming rates of drug use - both prescription and illicit! A numbed nation is not a nice one. Dependency on chemicals is far from what humans are meant to be about. Is anyone listening? Does anyone care about what these ghastly drugs do? Clearly, when needed for healing purposes the minds who made them, are a blessing. Used at other times, these substances and growing pharmacies here, will sow what they reap, God help us! Why do we remain blind to the consequences of drugs? Cannot we not see?

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