Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Initiative 500 home meetings

How about a movement? A movement to meet with family, neighbors, co-workers? About what? About family, and values, or virtues, also known as strengths. Project 500 is a grass roots initiative to aim at five hundred homes to volunteer to host gatherings from now until December of 2011. You invite the participants. You welcome and thank them. You facilitate, or make easier the flow of conversation with and between participants on the theme of family, or values and virtues today. How about it? Let's move! Let's awaken a sleeping nation and call us to conversation as family and neighbors once more. Fresh talk amid much-needed conversation about a topic critical to our future and our culture now. Volunteer now. Set up a meeting or two, and, e-mail me at lventline@att.net, or call me at 586 777 9116. I want to keep tab. 500 is the aim. 500 meetings on family and values or virtues. Do I hear you want to volunteer? You can do this. We all can. It takes a village. It does. Let's do this together like neighbors did decades ago.

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