Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Sunday Spring

Ready or not, here comes Spring and it's still cold. . .and dreary, like the 80 percent of precriptions drugs worldwide are used in my good ole USA, imagine that!

We're a drug-addicted Nation. And, addicted to oil, and, vicodin, an opiate like heroin, is handed out more commonly than candy bars it seems from what our national news reports said tonight.

But, there's hope dispite bad news, or, is it if so many are hooked and liking it apparently?

Passover was observed Monday, now Christians, following their iconic and central figure, Jesus the Christ, mark holy week, Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter vigil and Sunday, April 24.

And, the Light, Christians believe, is Christ overcoming death, rising from the dead, defeating destruction and the demonic and the depressing economy, and bad days we all entertain from time to time.


A big dose of it is needed this Easter Sunday. Big time.

No kidding.

America is in trouble if the reports are true about Americans addicted to 80 percent of the drugs used world-wide.

Sure, perhaps you denied the fact already.

You're in denial. So, join the other huge percentage of Americans living in some strange and
make-believe land.

We won't survive long if we continue on this spiral of destructive behavior popping a pill for every pain.

Whatever happening to "sucking it up" or redemptive suffering as my tradition of Catholicity teaches?

Are we wimps?

Easter and some fresh Light can't come soon enough, can it?

The alternative?

The same life. The same addictions, dysfunction and denial that will eat away this Nation's soul.


I perfer light, how about you?

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