Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Prince, Princess and Wedding - A Motown Perspective

So. . . the big Royal "to do" wedding, well. . . ?

That's what viewers enjoy, and, Royal treatment the media
will make of it, no?

The young couple is astounding.

What bride and groom wouldn't be with the hype and pressure
of the lone institution that has not yet been challenged - the press?

Media makes people dance to their tune.


More rain.

Sun's out. Rain!


In the culture, one must be, of course. Readers and viewers notice when terror is
on every corner these days, or, so it seems from what one reads.

A reporter told me recently that news is what people want to read.

A wedding, terror, fear, crime - and, a Royal wedding.

We want to read about it, or, watch it, royal as it is, and little as the wedding affects
commoners daily living.

Go figure.

See what's on TV, and, read what's in the newspaper.

That what you want, so you get it, an editor noted to me, as he refuted my
definition of news - the new and different.

Not so, the editor protested.

It's what readers READ or watch.

A Royal wedding.

My blessings on the bride and groom. +

Children were interviewed and they said Royalty could help the poor, like Motown.

They could.

Power is influence to use for good, and, to fail to use the influence the Royals were born with
is abuse of power.

Like Diana, this couple will help, royally, I believe.

They are already, thanks be to the Creator, who knows all the good they do behind the scenes, and, out of the eye of the reporter, if that's possible at all.

Good Royal people, they are.

A good family they will create together.


Unless the media sets their agenda and navigates them elsewhere.

Or, those reporters who will hound them at every move they make for
good or ill.

Please let them be.

They matter, like reporters do, and, everyone else who matters.

After all, the Royals are sacred, and, social, like all of us in God's eyes, eyes that matter most.

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