Friday, April 8, 2011

Ultra Sound in Florida Before Procedure

Before an abortion can be performed in Florida, a proposed measure for expectant mothers to have an ultra sound to see the baby in her womb may be required if passed soon. Seeing the baby in the tabernacle of the mother may make her believe that this is life beyond tissue we're dealing with in her womb. Countless ways to afford the most vulnerable life dignity seems to be the aim here. About half of women support the measure while men oppose it more than moms. Surprise, surprise! As the culture demeans life more and more these days with violence in and outside the womb and on battlefields or in schoolyards with bullies acting out, it seems that government actions are taking the lead from citizens who believe that everyone matters! You matter. And the person next to you, and the one in the womb also, no matter how one tries to cut it. Suggesting that life is not in the womb may be profitable for thoseperforming such ghastly deeds, but going down the tube in more ways than one is troublesome for a so-called enlightened society. God help us all!

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