Thursday, November 17, 2011

Jane Eyre's Clarion Call for Truth

A couple of nurses who participated in my spiritual aerobics sessions months ago noticed me browsing the DVD's of the Clinton-Macomb Library in Clinton Township, Michigan.

After greetings, they aimed for the theatre to view the latest Jane Eyre's video.

Minutes later, I followed along to watch it, given that I usually get recommendations from others before I go to view any movie. Both inspired me to take time to recreate. And, I'm glad I did.

Truth seems to concern Jane when she meets the coldness of Edward Rochester who enjoys her company for more reasons than one.

After all, Jane flees Thornfield House where she did chores as a governess for Ed who pushes the young woman's resilience. After a rigor of discipline and abuse as an orphan years earlier, Jane's personality is forged from the suffering and empathy she learned to endure and feel in all she met.

The pastoral wildness of the fields and its haunting dark that brings up her past life shows up throughout the two-hour drama and romance, including violence.

In retrospect and reflection upon her storied life, Jane recovers her spontaneity and curiousity.

Jane even returns to Mr. Rochester despite the roller-coaster-like relationship. That return includes a visit back to the terrible secret that Ed keeps under cover.

Truth told, this is one worth watching. Both main character morph and mend much.

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