Friday, November 18, 2011

Teen Addiction

Gene Schabath, a former Detroit News reporter, writes about Families Against Narcotics ( in the Fall edition of the Macomb Now Magazine.

"This is a bona fide, community-based organization that has taken dead aim at the epidemic of drug overdose and drug deaths in "tidy" little communicities such as Clinton Township and Fraser," Schabath writes.

According to the story, Clinton Township District Court Judge Linda Davis and her neighbor who was a Fraser police officer voiced concern and united over the "drug overdoses of neighborhood kids spiraling out of control."

Alerting people to Percodan, Oxycotin and Vicodin - legalized forms of heroin - the writer notes that they're called heroin-light.

Christ United Methodist Church at 34385 Garfield in Fraser (between 14 and 15 Mile Road)
hosts FAN the third Tuesday of each month from 7-9 pm.

Former drug addicts and parents of children who died from drug overdoses speak at the gatherings, Schabath reports.

This epidemic merits attention of all local residents and beyond.

Another death of a teen to overdose is not what we need.


  1. I believe that a little community service can help in controlling the situation. Parents as well as teens should be knowledgeable about the issue because this can help in stopping the growing addiction. Aside from giving them awareness concerning the harmful effects the drugs can bring to their health the community should also offer some programs that can help those that are already addicted.

  2. We like to rebel against people controlling us. Mainly you will find that out of control teens with less restrictions don't play up as much. Addiction like drinking and smoking has nothing to do with teens itself, it has to do with the choice that person makes. They know right from wrong, but some just choose to do the wrong thing.