Tuesday, November 29, 2011

As Detroit Goes, So Goes. . .

Other towns may think they're far from the cancerous microcosm of problems that plague Detroit.

Decades ago, I remember demographers predicting that as Detroit goes, so goes the rest of the nation.

Fractured foundations of family and households, business collapses and moral failure pervades Motown. In a smaller way, however, similar pathologies press the outer-most rings of rural towns in Michigan, and elsewhere nationally.

People talk and seem to peep about the problems poking but some seem to simply dismiss the issues as Detroit's to settle alone.

I think not.

The domino effect seems to down houses, sales, businesses and the quality of life everywhere these days.

Will residents rise up and reclaim neighborhoods by first fixing the family?

After all, is not the family the foundation of society? If the community goes by way of weakend households, will not more of the same corruption and demise raise its ugly head?

Together States grow firm. Testaments to the past prove this well before World War II.
Hands, hearts and minds, firmly gripped in getting the job done of raising families well works best.

Who will lead if not dad, mom, young people, clergy and community and civic luminaries who care deeply?


Will you rise while others sit or say little that builds and mends so much collapsing before the eyes of all?

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