Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fresh Face

All God's beauty shines in the smiles of so many fresh faces one meets in life.

Small faces.

Tiny. Large. Young. Older. Wiser. Faces with color.





And, happy faces.

Louis Armstrong's What a Wonderful World comes to mind thinking about people's faces linking with passers-by.

The music and melody makes me appreciate the fresh faces I meed each day.

In the West Indies these past days, various faces confirmed the beauty of life and the Artist's creations across the globe.

People of all sorts and smiles sail on by, say hello, talk some, and walk on by amid a greeting that gladdens these faces.

Fresh like the ocean's new blue waves, I savor the sights.

The dignity of each is punctuated with postures that connect with humans of all kinds.

This sacred scene inspires me to savor life's moments.

Miracles of moments as one marches through life's merry moments.

And, sorrowful times like that of a 60-year-old gal who was afflicted and carried by helicopter to San Juan recently.

Despite efforts to save her, her family told of her demise due to complications, days later.

The brevity of life diminishes one's breathing moments. Yet, life's shortness makes me appreciate a sun rising in the morning. Or, the rain pouring.

What a wonderful world!

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