Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Weather Wondering

The weather has been unusually warm these days when winter in Michigan, for example, has been in an ice box in the past with much snow in this winter wonderland.

What is the meaning of these changes?

Who is telling us why?

How is plant life, and, flowers, among other plants being affected as they are blooming earlier these days?

One commentator said that the blooming buds will grow "incorrectly," whatever that means?

However the climate's creation is affected, it seems that responsible stewarding is best.

Care for all of creation helps to leave a legacy to those who follow us.

At times, it seems that inhabitants of this good earth may think only of themselves to the detriment of those who come after us.

God's creation calls for care for all.

While the weather is strange, it seems that it is enjoyed by all nevertheless. Icy streets for the elderly puts them at risk.

They seem to rejoice the most in weather-friendly climates.

At least, in Michigan.

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