Monday, February 6, 2012

Lists, Litanies

Grocery store lists.

Things "to do" lists. A "honey-do" list.

Another lists for daily reminders to round out the day, or week for that matter, let alone the month's goals and objectives.

A ladder-like list to the top of the ladder one aims for in the search for wellness, recovery and health, for example.

People like lists.

Others hate them, and those who note lists.

(After all, wasting time is a sin - missing the mark - I was taught early on at home, and, in school at Saint Thomas the Apostle on Detroit's east side).

Homes for sale, or rent, or, to buy are listed, or at least, compiled.

A roster of team players is marked.

Classmates are listed for my high school reunion in Troy, Michigan October 6th.

Earlier, names of my kindergarten class were listed by Mrs. Forner who stood me facing the wall when I was unable to tie two loops in my tennis shoe laces.

And, Mr. Zydek must of marked my name as unable to sing when he told me to sit down: "You can't sing!" Years later, I overcame that tape in my mind and memory.

Saints are listed in a litany also.

Lawrence, an early church deacon, to illustrate my point - a table server and helper of orphans and widows to free the apostles of Jesus for other matters - is my personal patronal name with whom I was baptized as an infant in 1949.

These heroic lists of women and men who often died for the faith as martyrs, mark my remembering on All Saints Days, especially, November 1st, each years. Listed is a festival of saints who inspire the faithful to aim higher, deeper in love for of God.

The preachers, Peter and Paul, for whom the first Cathedral Church of Detroit, downtown, was named, led the fledgling yet growing in leaps and bounds "Way" of Jesus across the globe.

Saint Anthony is the patron of lost items. People intercede to him to find things losts.

Thomas the Apostle, a doubting believer in Jesus the Christ's risen life, came to believe by pressing his fingers to his side and hands.

Butler's Lives of the Saints, lists many more saints of multiple litanies - long lists of names of saints, or, Mary, for whom deep veneration is held.

Lists. Litanies.

We need them.

We call upon their help in times of dosolation and consolation.

Our help is in the name of the Lord who made heaven and earth.

Amen. So be it. It is true. Verdad.

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